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Each of our products is 100% American-made and certified as such by the International Standard for Quality Control, ISO 9001:2015. We can ship internationally and provide bulk delivery, and laboratory analysis is used to verify the quality of every product.

100% American-made

Certified ISO 9001:2015

Verified via Laboratory Analysis

Bulk & International Deliveries

Customized Chemistry 
Solutions for Any Industry

We are passionate about providing innovative chemical solutions for today’s challenges across diverse markets. Chemical Blending Solutions offers solutions to all manufacturing industries, and we create and manufacture chemistry precisely for your needs.

  • Industrial Manufacturing Process Chemicals

  • Metalworking Process Chemicals

  • Institutional / Industrial Maintenance Chemicals

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified / Made in USA

  • Laboratory Analysis

  • Bulk Deliveries

  • Overseas Shipments

Manufacturing Solutions

  • High-Performance Soluble Oil Coolants, Full-Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic Coolants, and Neat Oils.

  • Metal Stamping, Drawing Fluids, and Forming Oils.

  • Cleaners and Rust Inhibitors.

  • Steel Heat-Treating Fluids and Quenching Oils.

  • Compressor Oils, Hydraulic Oils, and Spindle Oils.

  • Way Lubes, Gear Oils, Innovative Processing Fluids, and Lubricants.

Metalworking Solutions

At Chemical Blending Solutions we offer Machine Tool Coolants, Stamping and Forming, Hydraulic Oils/Way Lubes/Process Lubes, Facility Cleaning, Post Processing, and more! Download our Standard Metalworking Product List below.

Standard Metalworking Product List

Chemical Blending Solutions (CBS) provides cutting-edge machine tool coolant technology. We offer a full range of soluble, synthetic, semi-synthetic, and straight oils. Our coolants are suitable for all sorts of materials and are utilized in heavy-duty applications. Extreme pressure (EP) additives are added to chemically react with the metal surface being protected, forming a sacrificial layer that prevents two metal surfaces from fusing during boundary lubrication's high temperature and pressure. Micro-emulsion, bio-stability, and minimal foaming coolants are features of our CNC machine tool and grinding chemicals.

CNC Machining Tool Coolant and Grinding Coolants

Chemical Blending Solutions (CBS) is a leading spray washer chemistry provider. We provide cleaners and RP for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We provide Dry-to-touch RP (developed for foggable rust protection for the inner void spaces of tanks, packages and enclosers). We blend the latest technology in ambient temperature cleaners/RP’S. Our products are great to deburr and use as dip applications: CBS oil-based, solvent-based, water-based and alkaline-based cleaners and RP’s offer combined performance. We also provide preventative maintenance cleaners, degreasers, and floor maintenance. The tailored spot-free and rust-prevention cleansers are to be used at room temperature.

Cleaners/Rust Prevention (RP)

CBS provides industry-leading blanking, deep dish draw, and stamping-forming compounds that are ideal for heavy to medium-demanding applications and safe for all materials. Our compounds are chlorinated and nonchlorinated, contain EP additives, and come in synthetic and semi-synthetic forms. We provide a full range of drawing and stamping-forming chemicals.

Fine Blanking, Drawing, and Stamping-Forming Compounds

Release agents establish a layer of separation between the molding surface and the substrate to remove the cured layer from the mold. Without a separator, the substrate will bind to the surface of the mold, making cleaning difficult and lowering manufacturing efficiency significantly. Our form-release chemicals are also effective on asphalt and concrete surfaces such as roads, highways, driveways, and sidewalks.

Release Agents 

There are two main uses for quench oils. First, the component is hardened by regulating heat transmission during the quenching process, and second, they improve the component's wetness to lessen the likelihood of distortions and cracks.

Quench Oil 

Our Products

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Chemical Background

We know how essential it is for your business to be able to produce quality products and ensure customer value. At Chemical Blending Solutions, we provide superior tailor-made products at affordable prices that will aid in cutting, cleaning, and protecting your metalworking production. We take "pride in every solution we create." Our products deliver the consistent and reliable performance necessary to meet the demands of modern metalworking. 

Pride In Every Solution We Create

Chemical Blending Solutions, LLC

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